Kara laughing while getting her hair done Kara's getting ready and smiling at her friend Photo of Kara's dress on a white background Close up of Kara and Will's rings Kara bringing her dress to get changed Kara gets into her dress helped by mom Back of Kara putting her dress on Kara's mom taking care of the back of her dress Kara almost ready looking at herself Kara smiling while standing in front of the window Kara and Column at Pueblo Bonito Kara's photograph before her wedding Kara's mom fixing her hair at Sunset Da Monalisa Kara's flowers against a view of the sea in the back Kara and reflecion before the wedding Kara showing her beautiful flowers Kara & her mom holding hands looking out the window Will fixing his tie before the ceremony Kara and her dad ready to walk to the aisle Will receives Kara from her dad at the ceremony Kara and Will's ceremony low angle photo Kara and Will laughing out loud at their ceremony Gorgeous view of Kara & Will's ceremony at Sunset Da Monalisa Kara & Will's first kiss at the Sunset Da Monalisa Kara and will finishing their ceremony Kara hugging will on their photo session Kara and will hugging on their wedding photo session Kara and Will having a romantic moment on their wedding day Kara gets a romantic kiss from Will Will kisses Kara on her cheek Will kising Kara while she looks into the camera Kara & Will holding hands while walking on the bech kara and will walking on the beach Kara and will walking on the beach holding hands Kara and Will's foreheads together Kara contemplates her bouquet in front of will Kara and Will walk on bech Sun Filters between them Kara & Will's silouette photo on the beach Sunset da Monalisa rocky beach on Kara & Will's wedding day Kara & Will's photo on the beach, while she holds her dress Kara and Will standing on the beach appart Kara's back dress and flowers in front of Will Kara by herself on the beach Beach photo of Kara at sunset Kara and Will's photo at sunset First dance photo of Kara and Will Kara and dad dancing at the reception Will and sister dancing Kara's dad giving his speach at dinner Kara and Will's family toasting Kara and Will's cacke photo Cake cutting of Kara adn Will's low angle of Kara and Will cutting the cake Will licks his finger full of cake Kara and Wills party time at Monalisa

Dino Gomez is a talented Wedding Photographer based in Los Cabos, Mexico and available for travel for Destination Weddings.