TTD sessions are the latest fad in contemporary wedding photography shoots.

Dino Gomez’s ‘Trash the Dress’ series is a collection of photographs dedicated to the new trend in contemporary weddings: the irreparable destruction of the dress after the completion of the wedding ceremony by getting it wet and dirty during the photo shoot.


This is a part of some wedding photography packages that Dino Gomez offers and is optional.


A snapshot of a bare footed wedding couple relaxing on a beach log in Mexico A gorgeous wedding couple embracing on the side walk during the trash the dress session The happy bride holding a bouquet near her face in Mexico Beautiful trash the dress and groom attire wedding portrait in Mexico Cute wedding couple embracing on a beach deck with a dolphin in the forefront Trash the dress session in Mexico courtesy of destination wedding photographer Dino Gomez Beachside wedding portrait of the bride and groom on the beach in Mexico A gorgeous bride lying on her stomach with her groom on the shores in Mexico Wedding couple kissing on the side of the road with a just married sign Wonderful wedding couple standing together on the beach with the waves crashing behind them Newlyweds trashing their wedding attire in the ocean Beautiful kiss between the bride and groom on the beach at dusk in Mexico Beautiful bride lying on a log in the night on the beach A bride and groom sitting on a beach boulder in Mexico A cute bride lying on a huge beach rock at dusk in Mexico A sitting bride looking down on the beach in Mexico in the night Sexy beach couple shot by wedding photographer in Cabo Dino Gomez A shot of the bride jumping into her grooms arms on the beach by wedding photographer in Cabo Dino Gomez A cute wedding couple looking at each other during their trash the dress shoot