Sesión de fotos Familia de Alba en el East Cape de Los Cabos y El Estero San José.

Very cute family portrait on the beach by photographer Dino Gomez Mom holding her duaghter next to her husband on the beach rocks Sisters in white dresses sitting on a beach log in Mexico Adult sisters playing games on the beach Portrait of mother and her daughters and granddaughter on the beach in mexico Beautiful beach family photo with everyone dressed in white in Mexico Dad playing with the baby while mom looks on smiling at the beach Husband and wife warm embrace on the rocks Sisters hugging on the sand next to a river Extended family photo shoot with baby on the river Large extended family photo by photographer in Riviera Maya Dino Gomez Women in swings being pushed by their husbands Coupe with their daughter sitting under a hut with thatch roof Closeup portrait of mother anf father and their baby girl in Mexico Closeup portrait of couple kissing in black and white in Mexico Gorgeous family shot with mother and father and their baby girl Family walking away along the river Mom and dad and their sister holding the baby together
Fotografo profesional en Los Cabos Dino Gomez.