I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did clicking them! Last spring I had the chance to share some clicks with my brother Andres Gomez at the gorgeous Hoyt Arboretum’s Redwood Deck in Portland, Oregon for our friends Andrea & Mark. The place is just magical, providing the ideal ambiance for a truly beautiful wedding in the Portland area.


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Bride's home before the wedding ceremony Bride with her puppy dog Bride's fridge with wedding notes Bride adjusting a stereo while getting ready for her wedding Bride flexing on her couch bride getting her make up done on a couch Bride having her lashes applied on the wedding morning Maid of honour getting her hair done with bride A snap shot of the bride's home by wedding photographer Dino Gomez Bride walking down the stairs and leaving home for the wedding Smiling bride drinking in the limo with the family on the way to the wedding Fun photo of bride stretching to put her dress on bride getting her hair fixed bride walking with dad and her maid of honour through the woods hoyt arboretum trees Bride walking with dad and the maid of honour in the woods and three little girls standing in a pathway bride wandering at the hoyt arboretum woods with dad and maid of bride and dad walking through the woods to the ceremony bride and dad last kiss before ceremony dad delivering the bride redwood deck wedding ceremony portlandguests at wedding ceremony at the redwood deck portland Happy bride and groom with their wedding guests after getting married bride holding beautiful flowers at ceremony Cute shot of the smiling bride looking at her mother during the wedding ceremony by wedding photographer Dino Gomez tall trees at wedding in the redwood deck portland wedding ceremony at the redwood deck at the hoyt arboretum portl kids looking at bride lighting a candle beautiful view of wedding at the redwood deck portland bride and groom first kiss Group wedding shots in the Portland woods by destination wedding photographer Dino Gomez bride and groom kissing after ceremony bride and groom having a laugh groom holding the bride's dress as they walk cute photo of bride and groom hugging at the hoyt arboretum port bride and groom looking into each other's eyes with a smile beautiful photo of bride and groom at the hoyt arboretum gorgeous photo of bride and groom at the hoyt arboretum portland romantic photo of bride and groom at the hoyt arboretum bride and groom kigging in the middle of the street The happy couple drinking wine from the bottle on a terrace by photographer Dino Gomez groom kissing the bride on the neck from above portrait of the bride looking upNewlyweds parking lot shoot with wedding photographer Dino Gomez photo of bride and groom with great light from the side photo of bride and groom at a parking lot in Portland bride and groom photo at pioneer square portland bride and groom entering the reception at the Elysian ballroom p Newlyweds sharing their first dance together as husband and wife father of the bride giving a speech at the Elysian ballroom port Father of the bride giving his speech at wedding reception fun photo of dad with kids at a wedding Wedding couple cutting the cake at their reception groom removing the garter from the bride at the Elysian ballroom kid with the garter great photo of the Elysian ballroom portland Three shots of the wedding DJ playing at the reception bride and groom funk dancing with matching caps Ladies having fun on the dance floor at a wedding groom carrying the bride Bride gets help getting dressed before the wedding ceremony Beautiful bride toasting at home before the wedding bride smiling at groom at the ceremony

The Redwood Deck at the Hoyt Arboretum is a beautiful location for your wedding ceremony in the Portland area and the Elysian Ballroom is a spacious venue to host your ideal wedding reception downtown Portland, it has various spaces for your guests to have a night to remember. Dino Gomez is a wedding photographer available for weddings in the Portland, Oregon and California areas including Los Angeles and San Francisco and Destination Weddings.