Special moment of the couple of Lindsay & Clark
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Pride wedding at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Los Cabos Lindsay & Clark

A few days prior to their lovely wedding, I meet Lindsay & Clark for their engagement session, here’s some photographs from that day!

Hot pose under the sky of the couple of Lindsay & Clark Pre-wedding shoot of Lindsay & Clark Pre-wedding Pose of the bride Lindsay Beach side walking photo of Lindsay & Clark wedding photography of Lindsay & Clark Picturesque capture of twirling Lindsay & Clark Happy moments of the couple Lindsay & Clark Image showing the bond between Lindsay & Clark Walk of love by the couple Lindsay & Clark The joyous moments of Lindsay & Clark Evening walk of the couple of Lindsay & Clark Kiss of Love at the beach side by Lindsay & Clark The moment showing infinite love between Lindsay & Clark A romantic day out of Lindsay & Clark

On their wonderful wedding day, we all had so much fun with their lovely family and friends!! Here’s some photos from that magical day!

Prep time for the wedding of Lindsay & Clark Make up sessions for the wedding of Lindsay & Clark Beautiful dress of the bride Lindsay for thw wedding day Wedding rings of Lindsay & Clark Footwear to take the final walk towards the happiness of the bride Lindsay Amazing crystal jewellery for the wedding of Lindsay & Clark Bride's final dress touch up for the wedding Final moments of the bride with her mom before wedding Beautiful bouquet of the bride Lindsay final touch-up of the groom before the wedding with Lindsay Dressing session of the groom for wedding with beautiful Lindsay Boys time before the wedding of Lindsay & Clark Picture showing the bride moving towards a happier future Happy moments just before wedding ceremony between Lindsay & Clark The final moments before the wedding of Lindsay & Clark Lost in each others arms the couple of Lindsay & Clark The kiss between Lindsay & Clark showing the love Picture showing the groom walking towards the stage for wedding ceremony Image showing all the guests waiting for Lindsay & Clark Girls enjoying at the beach side at the wedding of Lindsay & Clark Guests enjoying at the beach side at the wedding of Lindsay & Clark Arrival of the family members at the venue for the wedding of Lindsay & Clark Showering of good wishes on the groom Clark at the wedding ceremony Arrival of the bride Lindsay at the wedding venue Groom happily waiting for the Bride Lindsay to reach him on stage Image showing guests greeting the bride at her arrival during the wedding ceremony of Lindsay & Clark Bride happily walking with her family to the wedding stage Bride and Groom Lindsay & Clark hand in hand at the wedding stage Bride & Groom Looking deep into each other's eyes during the wedding ceremony of Lindsay & Clark The oath taking time during the wedding ceremony of Lindsay & Clark Couple living their moment to t -he fullest as vows are being recited Happy moments during the wedding ceremony between the couple Lindsay & Clark Lifetime wedding moment of the couple of Lindsay & Clark First kiss as a husband and wife of Lindsay & Clark Newly Married Couple Lindsay & Clark waving goodbye to tge guests The bye-bye kiss right after getting married of Lindsay & Clark A toast to the future of the newly married Lindsay & Clark Newly married Lindsay & Clark relishing the big day of their lives Love bands of Lindsay & Clark Post wedding shoot of Lindsay & Clark Candid poses of the couple of Lindsay & Clark Happily & newly married couple of Lindsay & Clark The happiness of getting married can be clearly seen on the faces of Lindsay & Clark Kiss showing the passion & love between Lindsay & Clark Post-wedding beach side walk of the couple ofLindsay & Clark Prestine sand walk of the couple of Lindsay & Clark Post wedding candid image of Lindsay & Clark Beautiful image of Lindsay & Clark during the sunset of their wedding day Enjoyment dance at the evening party by the couple Lindsay & Clark Bride and groom adoring each other at the party after their wedding Romantic dance under the moon & stars of Lindsay & Clark Beautifully captured the personal moments of Lindsay & Clark couple dance between Lindsay & Clark at the beach wedding party Father of the bride Lindsay speaking a few words of love for the couple Guests speaking a few words for the newly married couple Lindsay & Clark Toat raised during the evening dinner by the couple of Lindsay & Clark A family member raising a toast to the newly wed couple Lindsay & Clark Wedding cake of the newly married couple Lindsay & Clark Beach side after wedding party of Lindsay & Clark under the moon and sky with beautiful LED lights Bride Lindsay enjoying the after wedding dance with her girl friends Friends celebrating the wedding of Lindsay & Clark under superb LED Lights Friends enjoying the dance party under heavy LED lightings at the beach side aftter the wedding of Lindsay & Clark Guests dancing with the bride after the wedding Guests enjoying non-stop dancing after the wedding ceremony of Lindsay & Clark Happy and a bit high bride in a full mood to enjoy the dance Happy high time of the newly married couple of Lindsay & Clark Beautiful guest enjoying the after party of the wedding of Lindsay & Clark


A fun-filled wedding of a beautiful and amazing couple of Lindsay & Clark at the picturesque Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Beach was held on 5 May, 2018. The wedding witnessed the presence of loved ones of the couple.

“Love at the first sight” is a phrase meant for couples like Lindsay and Clark. The couple met in 2013 at the dance club Splash in San Jose, CA (now the only gay club in San Jose). Clark saw Lindsay dancing and asked her for a dance. And, from a dance at the bar, their love story began. The couple finally decided to marry and chose May to be their wedding month and contacted me to photograph their wedding.

The couple’s wedding was month ahead the Pride month, it was very thoughtful of Lindsay & Clark to celebrate their Big Day a month before their Pride month. Pride month is celebrated every year in the month of June by the LGBT community to celebrate sexual diversity. The month of June was chosen as a Pride month because Stonewall Riots took place in 1969 in this month. They decided to go for a non-religious wedding.

Lindsay and Clark decided to go for a short and lovely pre-wedding shoot. The location was mesmerizing and was chosen keeping in mind the personality couple carries. Lindsay looked stunning in Red gown and Clark complimented her. I took some candid shots of them dancing as a remembrance to the starting point of their love story. It was all done at the beach-side as well as at some other locations a day before the wedding.

The wedding setup was done wonderfully and the site looked amazing. The site was decorated perfectly. Lindsay wore a beautiful white wedding gown which was perfect for her summer wedding. Clark looked equally good and the couple looked lovely on their wedding day.

The couple took their vows happily and then hosted a dinner party at the same beach. The guests, as well as couple were seen enjoying to the fullest and their precious moments have been beautifully captured by me. Take a look at the couple’s wedding photographs celebrating their love, freedom and life.

Here’s the powerful story of Clark’s transformation.



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