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Tips to Pull off a Wonderful Outdoor Wedding by the Destination Wedding Photographer: Dino Gomez

If you have planned an outdoor wedding then, I must congratulate you. Having an outdoor wedding is the absolute best idea to enjoy the wedding at a scenic place whether it is a beach-side wedding or a farm wedding or anywhere else. An outdoor destination wedding includes all the elements that make the wedding a memorable one for the couple: blue sky, romantic breeze, natural beauty, flowers and much more. A lot of interesting things can happen while planning an outdoor wedding whether on a beach, vineyard, backyard, a park or anywhere else. As an experienced destination wedding photographer, I can say that an outdoor wedding has amazing benefits which you must know:

  • Full of entertainment
    An outdoor wedding gives ample of opportunities to the couple to make it a fun-filled wedding. Unlike the confinements of the indoor wedding venue, the couple can execute ideas they have in mind like to have inflatables for kids, games like connect four, whack-a-mole, jenga etc. to make the wedding ceremony a happening event.
  • Money saver
    Outdoor weddings
    can save a huge amount of money as it allows the couple to cater the wedding themselves, do decorations of the wedding venue themselves and much more. Latest trend which couples are following these days is the DIY (Do It Yourself) outdoor weddings. In these types of weddings all the decorations, catering etc. is done by the couple itself and a reputed international photographer is hired to capture the moments. So, this gives other good reason to have an outdoor wedding.
  • No time restrictions
    An outdoor wedding gives plenty of time to the couple and wedding guests to completely enjoy the wedding. The stretch tent can be set up two days before the wedding date and can stay there even for the next day. So, this gives a chance to the wedding guests and the couple to kill the dance floor as long as they want.

These are just a few benefits of the outdoor wedding but these weddings also come with a lot of additional pitfalls and caveats. So, below are some top pieces of advice to shine on your wedding day:

  • Know the climate

It is very important to know beforehand the climatic conditions of the venue on the wedding day. If it is a sunny day then, the ceremonies should be oriented in a way that the sun remains on the guests’ back rather than in eyes. And, if rain is expected on that day then, some indoor arrangement should be there as a plan B.

  • Treat the site for bugs

It is important to professionally bug-proof the site a few days before the scheduled wedding day. Citronella candles or bug zapper can be put on the site to avoid the guests swatting at the air all day long.

  • Experienced caterer

It is important to be sure if the caterer you are hiring carries an experience of planning menu for an outdoor wedding. Keep dishes that can be served well in the natural heat of the sun.

  • Wind and humidity proof hairstyle

One of the disadvantages of having an outdoor wedding is the unpredictable weather conditions. To avoid any kind of mess with the hairstyle, talking beforehand with the hairstylist regarding your weather concerns is the best solution. He/ she can definitely give great tips and ideas based on your hair type and preference and the best manageable hairstyle as well.

  • Choose the dress wisely

If you are planning your outdoor wedding in late spring or summer and the venue is in a warm area of the country, then a wedding gown will make you feel really hot. Consider changing into a lighter dress for the last couple of hours to enjoy your day. And, if the venue is in a windy area, then the dress made up of chiffon or china silk should be completely avoided.

  • Drinks

As the wedding will be taking place under the sun during the day, serving alcohol may dehydrate the guests. So, freshly prepared chilled lemonades, punches and teas can be considered. These drinks will keep the guests cool and fresh.

  • Book an experienced destination wedding photographer

Another major thing to keep in focus is to get the memories of your Big day beautifully captured by an experienced destination wedding photographer. It is important to capture the wedding moments along with the natural beauty of the outdoor wedding venue in the best possible way.

So, there were a few kick-ass tips to help you plan an outstanding outdoor wedding.

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