Megan & Forrest Flora Farms, SJD

Megan & Forrest Flora Farms, SJD

Megan & Forrest Flora Farms, SJD

Wondering what magic Megan & Forrest brought to their wedding photos? It’s not just about being good looking – it’s about being YOU and having a blast! When you’re authentically happy, it shows in every photo, creating unforgettable memories. I’ll capture each moment beautifully, offering a few tips for that perfect look, but the real secret is in being relaxed, having a blast, and cherishing every second with loved ones. Trust me, the fun and fabulous photos will speak for themselves!

Event Designer – Wedding Coordinator
Cristina Cabrera, Vivid Occasions

Floral Design
Blush N’ Roses

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist
Gladys Trevino

Furniture Rentals & Decor
Del Cabo Rentals

Ceremony Officiant
Joe Dearani

Music (DJ, Band, iPod) – Company Contact
Caly & JM, Also DJ Alex

Dress Designer
Alyssa Kristin

Local Transportation
Impala Cabo

Picture a day where a gentle breeze carries whispers of celebration, creating the perfect atmosphere for a Destination Wedding under the enchanting sky of San Jose del Cabo. In this magical setting, a love story unfolds at the beautiful Flora Farms, weaving timeless elegance into every shade.

Flora Farms, nestled in the heart of San Jose del Cabo, becomes the perfect canvas for a celebration that seamlessly blends the laid-back charm of Los Cabos with an exclusive touch. Megan & Forrest’s decision to say “I do” in this oasis of tranquility results in a day filled with emotion and joy.

The unusual overcast sky, rather than dimming the scene, turns out to be a delightful element to work with. The clouds act like a natural softbox, diffusing the light and casting a unique glow over every moment. It adds an unforeseen charm, enhancing the atmosphere of the day and the overall look.

One standout feature of this celebration is the dance floor, transformed into a hand-painted masterpiece by Taller Castalia. Inspired by the couple’s modern lifestyle, it becomes a canvas echoing the uniqueness of their love story.

What makes this wedding post even more captivating is the decision to showcase some portions of the event in black and white—a bold departure from my colorful style. By embracing black and white tones, I aim to evoke a sense of classic romance. The wedding photographs, set against the dark backdrops from Flora Farms, take on a timeless quality, thanks to the interplay of the soft, diffused light under the unexpected but welcome overcast sky.

Each photograph is not just a visual record of a moment; it’s a testament to the artistry found in this celebration of love masterfully planned by Cristina and the Vivid Ocassions team. Flora Farms, a premier wedding venue in Los Cabos, witnesses not just a wedding but the creation of a story—one that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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