Enjoy the Preview of Shannon & Jordan’s lovely destination wedding at the fantastic Secrets Puerto Los Cabos in Mexico!

A Wonderful Wedding of the Lovely Couple: Shannon & Jordan at the Peurto Los Cabos Resorts, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

It does not matter who you have known for longer, but who made a word to never let go, and kept their word. It has always been a world of “Finders-Keepers”. So are our darlings, Shannon and Jordan. They are two high-school sweethearts who found each other 10 years ago, two best friends and lovers of their Chihuahuas; their bond, and epitome of relationship.

A good relationship is that wherein one does not have to make efforts in order to stay in other’s life.  They value their families, and are dearly career focused. Perhaps that’s what makes them a perfect modern-day couple. The best thing about love is the indefinite structure, its subjectivity. Sometimes, it could simply be how two souls can enjoy as many common things together and never get bored of repeating them because they get to do it with their favorite person. These two lovelies are the ditto. They get to enjoy the company of their favorite person to do their favorite things.

They love to travel. Their free time favorites are the weekend getaways, trying new food at new restaurants en voyage. They relish sharing the likeliness for reading, sports, reality TV etc. Surprisingly, there happen to be rarely any dislikes at all.

They aspire to achieve the entirety of small and big. The lovely couple is driven to be able to provide a good life for themselves and their families. They believe you can always keep growing and learning so they seek experiences that aid them in their growth.

They exchanged vows at Secret’s Peurto Los Cabos Resorts, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Sixty closest people to the marrying couple came to bless the pair. The beautiful bride in white was fixing her veil at the Peurto Los Cabos suite when her blue knight approached.

Then the magic spread by the ocean, outside the Gazebo, where the pair was bestowed upon by the holy blessings. The padre announced them husband and wife. The two best friends started a life of an absolute partnership.  They had a Symbolic type of marriage, with a Semi-formal theme with only the near and dear ones as attendants. The moments of the whole wedding was captured beautifully by Dino Gomez for a lifetime for the gorgeous couple.

Post the ceremony, all gathered at the Puerto Los Cabos Ballroom, for the reception party; time for celebrations, for the newly wedded couple, to the life of togetherness. The Ballroom was beautifully decorated with LED lights, flowers etc. by the Event Designer at the Secrets Puerto Los Cabos. The pictures captured by the wedding photographer, Dino Gomez shows how tranquil and beautiful the couple looks. The couple describes the beauty of being married; to be able to garner and invest all your love for a total entirety. Love is something that makes us do things what we thought we couldn’t, and when that happens, marvelous things surface.

Take a look at the beautiful moments of wedding of our adorable high-school sweethearts.

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