A photo booth set up on a beach at night, taken by Dino Gomez, wedding photographer

In 2007 I started with the idea of designing a unique photo booth that I could rent out to my clients. It took over two years of research, working on prototypes, developing proprietary software before I was ready to produce my first working photo booth. Today is a prosperous business that runs parallel to my wedding photography studio, and a SUPER FUN addition to your Wedding Reception!

It was conceived to produce awesome quality photographs in matter of seconds with the added advantage of having personalized designs and having the ability to display wirelessly the photos taken on gorgeous 42" LCD screens around the venue for all people to have fun with the occurrences of the other guests in the booth!

This is a unique treat for your guests.

Add it to your photography package ONLY.

Photo Booth Rental in Cabo Packages

  • Package FUN
  • Package WOW

All Photobooth Rental in Cabo packages include:

  • Unlimited sessions during service with 4x6"prints.
  • Self service Open setup Photo Booth.
  • One attendant on site.
  • Personalized frame. Colours, message, date, location, monogram, company logo....
  • Selection of props like hats, wigs, feather boas, fake moustaches, black-board, etc...
  • All files downloadable from our site.