Performers dancing on the beach in a fire circle

First Blog POST ever!

Hola to all, this is the first entry in my blog, and not an easy one, it’s taken me two days straight to figure this code out since it was I, who put the entire blog site into place; I have a reasonable knowledge of websites and programming them but this whole blogging thing was a totally new experience to me, all the plugins, themes, codes, settings, etc learning how they work together and/or individually was a real challenge that with this very first entry completes the task at hand. It’s good to know that this is not what I do for living or I’d be in serious problems! It was fun and a rewarding experience but that’s it! I’m back to my TRUE passion: Photography. Since it’s already night here, I thought it would be appropriate to accompany this entry with some BLACK photos!


Bride and groom under a gazebo at their wedding Couple celebrating their wedding with an evening of exquisite outdoor dining Romantic wedding photo of a couple at their destination wedding Beach destination wedding with a white and gold sand colour linen Gazebo Couple dancing in the night at their destination wedding Destination wedding photographer Dino Gomez captures the perfect photo of the bride and groom in a tree Dramatic silhouette of the bride standing in front of the door way at her destination wedding Bride and groom kissing in front of a fountain in black and white on their wedding day Couple kissing silhouette as captured by photographers in Puerto Vallarta Bride in rustic sunset landscape with her hands in the air Bride and groom in a door way by a wedding photographer in Cabo Dino Gomez Bride in her wedding dress in the garden looking up at the stars Gorgeous shot of bride and groom kissing at their destination wedding Tender black and white moment between the bride and groom in the night at their destination wedding Bride and groom posing on a rock at their destination wedding