An amazing experience at Latourel Falls, OR

about me

I can better “tell” you about me with photographs than words.


Well this is me at Villa de Layva
My love shot this one at Villa de Layva, near our hometown Bogota.
My Love.
One of my favourite photos ever
One of my favourite photos ever, showing the joy of my life, her vitality, energy, as well as her fragility.
There she is, my love! She is my wood fairy, I love how she always glows
Photo of my wife Claudia at the Grand Canyon
celebrating my birthday at the Grand Canyon
Our Wedding.

Photo of us with masks on our wedding dayUs walking towards the chappel on our wedding day

The Sapphire & Diamonds ring I gave my wife
A photo I took for our save the date cards.
Dreaming of what life has for us Us kissing on the streets of our beloved Bogota on our wedding day
My gorgeous wife Claudia on our wedding night
I couldn’t resist to shoot a photograph of my newlywed wife on our wedding night
On our honeymoon in Curaçao
Enjoying my favourite drink on the streets of Curaao with my wife Claudia
My favourite drink!
Photo of me jumping from a dock into the water Photo of my wife Claudia on our honeymoon in Curaao
Our Travels.
Self portrait on the Shinkansen on our way to Kyoto
Selfie on board the Shinkansen (Bullet train) from Tokyo to Kyoto
Te beauty of Kyoto in fall Kyoto's traditional streets Visiting Nikko, near Tokyo in autumn Photographer photo bomb
Yes, that's my favourite food in the world
My favourite meal, at our favourite destination ever: Tokyo, Japan.
Been there, done that!
Been there, done that. One of the many Japanese POP culture amusements, the Purikura.
We love taking selfies, why not! At the entrance of the National Tokyo Museum
Photo of my Brother and I walking on Mt Hood
Mt Hood, Portland, OR. another of our favourite destinations.
Photo at the Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador - Love Light sign
A mystical trip to the Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador. stunning.