Love and I

This is me in action, photo taken by my wife

When we are young, we discover the very things that will define us as adults. I happened to find my first Love at a short age, and it was the forever-kind-of-love: my camera and the magic I could do with it; I was able to freeze chunks of my life, those around me and forever store the memories and experiences that otherwise, would’ve been lost in time, like tears in rainWe have since, been inseparable, just like the two of you are!

From your wedding day, few things will last forever, fortunately, it’s the ones that matter the most that do:

  • The very essence of a wedding: your eternal love for each other.
  • The unforgettable experience though timeless photographs.

Pretty much everything else will be gone (well, maybe the hangover will stay for a day or two).

I’ve firmly believe in the power of photographs, and I like to translate that belief into powerful images that you will cherish forever.