About Love and I

Some of our adventures

Photo of my wife Claudia on our honeymoon in Curaçao

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My love, my closest friend, my lover, my partner-in-crime, my muse and the most challenging model I’ve had; she was camera-shy, and didn’t really liked being photographed, so, she became my sensei, and it was through the process of gaining her trust while I photographed her, that I learned: a great photograph isn’t enough, if the person being photographed isn’t blissfully happy with how they look in said image! In photography, that was the biggest lesson I got from her, a non-photographer, but the one I cared the most when I took photos.

Today it is paramount in my photography, to ensure I get not only beautiful images, but making sure through that process, that my clients look at their best on every image!

She is my cherry, the cake and everything in between for me!

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Seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.

On my wedding day laughing with the tag in my jacket

We dream, we plan, we rehearse, and things will simply happen, but the emotions and how you react to it has no plan, no rehearse and cannot be dreamt.

We ensured to had the right person to capture the big and small moments. Such as a classic Dino-Moment, one of my wife’s favourite photos of me, realizing I forgot to remove the tag off my tux jacket, minutes before our own wedding.

It is by self-experience one learns it’s not only the big planned moments that count, but also the small, unscripted and natural ones that will touch you.

I’ve been on the very journey you are only starting to devise and it is with that empathy from being in front of the lens rather than behind that I approach each project, listening to what you want, looking for what you cannot see, feeling what you’re living.

Photo of us with masks on our wedding day
Us kissing on the streets of our beloved Bogota on our wedding day